Multimedia & e - Learning Solution

You can choose from a wide variety of Multimedia Presentations and e-learning courses from our CD Bank to suit your needs of a Corporate CD Presentation for your company.

CD-ROM is by far the most dynamic of new media formats to date, with its huge storage capacity and interactivity, it puts the user in control of highly effective visual presentations, making great use of animation, logos, video, voice over, and music to create the most captivating multimedia.

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CDs are extremely effective for marketing, training, business and promotional applications, corporate presentations and ideal for interactive catalogues and manuals.

CDs can also be linked to the internet, making them the best marketing and promotional tool for your website.

You can even incorporate order forms on a CD and have the information sent via the Internet straight from the CD to you for instant processing.
Because of the current limitations of the Internet, in the terms of access speed etc., all the dynamic video, voice over and music elements of your presentation can be shown on a CD-ROM Leaving things like news updates, press releases, recruitment and contact details i.e. email and response forms for the Internet.

We provide end-to-end eLearning solutions and specialize in the innovative use of technology. Our applications have been used on a large scale by hundreds of thousands of learners. We have designed and developed products for educational institutes, publishing houses, and corporates.

Our e-learning solutions allow you to take training to the next level. At Estance we develop customized e-learning solutions for Online and Offline deployment. Our courses utilize a wide range of presentation tools including digital imagery, video, and voice over talent to bring life to your material. We utilize simulations, tutorials, games, slideshows, and other activities to help illustrate and reinforce the concepts you are trying to communicate to your students while keeping them completely engaged. Our courses implement screens to support multiple learning styles including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning.

We understand the need of organizations today to scale up training. Speed is the need of the hour. Only an organization that can swing into action fast, whether for training or launching a new offering survives in the long run. For those interested in rapid course development designed to accommodate a large volume of e-learning initiatives.

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