Matrimonial web portal

A fully featured Matrimonial web portal with powerful functionality ease your online business and is also very cost effective. Internet has enabled technical transformation in every aspect. Growth in Matrimonial portal development is a live example of this fact. Matrimonial portals have enabled visitors of the website to find the perfect match for themselves. Matrimonial agents can get into online business within no time. They can develop their own matrimonial portal within no time and integrate admin tools and software.

Features of Matrimonial Web Portals:
  • Matrimonial Portal - Visitors Section
  • Visitors can register and become members
  • Non-members are restricted to only few pages
  • Members can manage, edit and update their profile.
  • Visitors can browse category based on several features
  • Get SMS alerts and configure e mail alert preferences also.
  • SMS / Email Gateway Configuration
  • Choose from free to paid option
  • Visitors can manage the partner profile.
  • Multiple types of payment options are enable to registered users.
  • Matrimonial Portal - Administrative Section Admin panel carries a very powerful functionality.
  • The administrator enjoys unique privileges and can also manage members
  • account Administrator can have control over profile settings and passwords.
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