Free Classfied Portal

Classified website is an online advertisement and Listings, two types of classified websites are possible :

Seller and Buyer Automatic Interaction

In this type of web portal the seller post their offers according to the services and products of the seller or service provider. Buyer will post his/her requirement to the web portal, web portal automatically match the buyer requirement to the seller services and products and send the buyer information to seller and seller information to buyer. Buyers and sellers can post ads to promote the services that they offer. In a classified web portal advertisements are posted by selecting the appropriate category and sub category. There are two types of options available to visitors. They are free ads and paid advertisements for a nominal fee.

Seller /Service providers and Buyer Manual Interaction

In this portal sellers/Service Providers create their profile including the products and services. Seller also creates the contact information and offers. Buyers visit the portal and search for required service or product. Web portal shows list of all sellers or service providers according to pre defined algorithm where buyer can go to every seller profile and post the request or requirement which will be automatically mailed to the seller or service provider where seller or service provider will response to the seller or buyer.

Features of Classified Portal
  • * User registration
  • * List of categories for the visitors to choose
  • * Time frame option to run the advertisement
  • * Image uploading option
  • * Listing Algorithm
  • * Reminders and Visit Count
  • * Paid / Free advertisement and image option
  • * Integration of payment category
  • * Features to highlight advertisements
  • * Admin portal
  • * MIS Reports
  • * User / Admin can edit and manage profile
  • * SMS /Email Gateway Configuration
  • * Payment Gateway Configuration
  • * SEO Friendly Classified Portals
  • * Innovative Business Logic
  • Free Classifieds Portal developed by Us:
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